Get To Know Us

A Church of 1st Choice

  1. Features of a church of 1st choice
  • Excellent in every aspect/respect
  • Quality of
    – Service(Adult, Teenage, children)- Programmes- Discipleship- Fellowship (together, homogeneous group)– Reception of guests- Follow-up of guests- Facilities- Equipment’s & Appliances- Outreach & In reach.
  • Meeting the needs of members and potential members (Community)

NB: Vision not different from vision of RCCG, but amplifies it.

Canaan Land Mission Statement

TO PROCLAIM the gospel of the kingdom of God with view to BRINGING people to the saving grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, DEVELOP them into maturity in Christ and EQUIP them for their ministry in the church and the body of Christ, to MAGNIFY the Lord. 

TO PROCLAIM means to announce, state, declare publicity

  • Actively
    -words (spoken or written)
    – conduct (acting, deed)
  • Passively
    – what you fail of neglect to say
    – what you fail or neglect to do

* Action speaks louder than words. “faith without works is dead.”

  • Personal testimony (John 4: 39)


  • The gospel of the Kingdom of God
  • The good news –(a) Jesus has come, (b) Jesus died on the cross for our sins, (c) Jesus is the Saviour (deliverer)
  • The Gospel of the grace of God (God’s mighty kindness & love)


  • Not just to our church BUT to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
  • If we pursue (a) well our church will naturally be full of converts.
  • We need to go out to where the lost are and not limit ourselves/our effort to the church building or church programmes.

(Personal soul winning – homes, communities, offices, family, friends etc.)

  • We must carry out mass evangelism (Philip-city of Samaria-Act 18:5-13) and Personal Evangelism (Philip-Ethiopian Eunuch Act 8:26-38). Paul also practiced both forms of evangelism (see Acts 20:20,21)
  • Evangelistic Programmes, outreaches, CSR programmes.


Into maturity in Christ through:

  • Foundational classes
  • Baptism
  • Discipleship classes/programmes
  • Counseling
  • Continuous Fellowship


  • For ministry in the church.
  • For ministry in the body of Christ.
    • Placement in appropriate department, ministries
    • Skill/gifts development session, opportunities, impartations.
    • Making opportunities available for development of gifting.


  • Glorify the Lord Worship
  • Enhance the Lord’s work

Sunday Gatherings
– Workers Meeting | 7am – 8am
– Sunday School | 8am – 9am
– Praise and Worship | 9am – 9:45am
– Testimonies and Announcement | 9:45am – 10am
– The Word | 10am – 10:45am
– Benediction | 10:45am – 11am