Natural Groups

Natural Groups at RCCG CanaanLand

The Lord’s Choir

  • Focusing on bringing down God’s presence in all services
  • Improving the quality of musicians and singers
  • Ensuring that members focus on God and worship

Prayer Squad

  • Prayer is needed to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom because prayer is human weakness depending on God’s strength.
  • The church, evangelists, family individuals will depend solely on God to spread the gospel effectively, and widely.
  • Each department of the church needs to be backed up by prayer in order to perform effectively.
  • Every program in the church must be supported prayerfully as well.
  • Members, families need to be prayed for, because, a spiritually strong church produces, solid, joyful, prosperous, progressive individuals, family and nations.


  • Courteous, dedicated and responsible members.
  • Display Christ-like behaviours and lead by example.
  • Great opportunity to win souls for Christ.

Children’s Church

  • To preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to our children in words and action.
  • To edify (disciple) them in the word of God.
  • Equipping them with the word of God for a fruitful living in the community.
  • Teaching them to magnify the name of the Lord by using their God-given talents and gifts.
  • To provide child care support (financially and materially) for less privileged children.
  • We are a dedicated, hardworking team always ready and willing to serve. We love and care for all our children like they were our very own.

Teens Church

  • Focus on the spiritual growth of ALL the teenagers – reading the bible, praying, evangelism and sharing of the word.
  • Community Service – To energize and equip teenagers to extend the love of God to the church.
  • Career Day – Educate our teenagers on the different professions to help guide their career decision making.
  • Team projects – To give our teenagers the opportunity to work on real projects and In teams.
  • Skill Acquisition and development – Regular meeting with the teenagers to help in developing their strengths and passion.
  • To create an environment that surround teenagers with an unconditional love that fosters genuine relationship.

Training Schools

  • The task of maturing new believers and of maintaining a sharp edge on those already established in the faith is a continuous one. Canaan Land has taken advantage of the various training schools within the Redeemed Christian Church of God as well as a few from beyond the Church to keep its workforce on the cutting edge.
  • From New Believers & Baptismal classes to Workers in Training to School of Disciples up to Redeemers International Leadership Academy (Bible College), there is a graduated RCCG curriculum that lays a solid theological foundation for practical, productive and successful Christian living.
  • In April 2015, Canaan Land hosted the Christ Living Apostolic Ministries (CLAM) Prayer Academy which attracted participants from at least 10 different churches including non-RCCG denominations

Beulah Fellowship

  • Minister to spiritual, physical/medical and material needs of pregnant/expectant members and those trusting God for the fruit of the womb.
  • Provide younger married and single women with necessary and appropriate information about home care in the area of sexual intimacy and personal care before, during and after pregnancy.

Altar Care

  • To magnify God’s Name and honour His person in the presence of the saints.
  • To provide creative designs that enhance the pleasantness and attractiveness of the sanctuary.
  • To ensure brightness and attractiveness of the altar at all times.


  • Create the right ambience during services that enhances congregation’s ability to maximally benefit from every ministration.
  • Invest in, direct and support and reinforce the presentation of Biblical truths that requires the support of lighting, audio, video, or any other form of technical or stage support.
  • Set up, operate and maintain musical instruments, audio and visual equipment for services and programs in the church and for outreach programs.

Word & Sound

  • Provide high quality copies of church services and messages for congregation and visitors edification.
  • Enhance evangelism efforts through distribution of CDs and DVDs by congregation and visitors.
  • Set and monitor quality standards for online archived messages and services by Technical dept.

Holy Police

  • Improve congregational and visitors experience to enhance growth, fellowship and discipleship.
  • Maintain pleasant ambience between church and community by ensuring minimum obstruction and disruption of neigbourhood traffic flow during church services and programs.
  • Provide necessary assurance of security to enable congregation and visitors focus on services.


  • Improve visitors experience to enhance growth, fellowship and discipleship.
  • Set and maintain high quality logistics and security support standards for special guests.
  • Provide outbound logistics and security support to pastors on outside assignment.


  • Minister to the saints of God who labour over the flock.
  • Provide enhanced care for visitors and special guests.
  • Ensure very high quality standard of catering and care during special programs and events

I.T. & New Media

  • Create robust online church interface for out of location members and remote congregation.
  • Deliver church on the go via latest Information technology tools, platforms and applications.
  • Support other departments and groups in church to achieve maximum awareness of their programs and events among target audiences.

About RCCG Canaaland

RCCG Canaanland is a church of First Choice; a church that is excellent in every aspect, a church that meets the needs of the members and community. RCCG Canaan Land vision amplifies the vision of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Our desire is for every true child of God to grow and live a life of authority.

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